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Custom Catering Requests

Whatever a customer’s dietary requirements or allergies may be, we promise a satisfying meal. Your simple pleasure and extravagant decadence can be:
    •    Gluten Free 
    •    Dairy Free 
    •    Vegan 
    •    Vegetarian 
    •    Kosher 
    •    Halal 
Prepared safely from allergens, such as nuts, shellfish, seafood, and more

Types of Cuisine

•   Wine and spirits

•   Fresh flowers and arrangements

•   Domestic or international newspapers and magazines

•   Restaurant pickups

•   Personal shopping and pickups


European Cuisine

    •    Italian

    •    French

    •    Mediterranean

Specialty Asian cuisine

    •    Chinese

    •    Japanese

    •    Thai

    •    Southeast Asian

    •    Indian 

A higher standard

of in-flight dining

Our Services

When ordering from Nuhma, you can expect elevated takes on favorite comfort foods, signature New York City dishes, and fresh seasonal menus. We provide it all on your schedule, from itinerary arrangements to delivery on the tarmac. We focus on every detail to tailor your experience to your requirements, from how we curate our packaging to how we select our garnishes.

Well-labeled and organized storage system with clear, easy-to-follow instructions for plating and reheating. Dishes can be delivered aesthetically plated to be service-ready for flight attendants.

Complimentary Concierge Services

Smart Packaging

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