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We believe better food makes for a better life. It’s a credo that is as true in the air as it is on the ground. That’s why our mission is to bring our clients the same quality of in-flight dining as you expect from the best restaurants of New York City. Whether we are delivering elevated takes on soul-satisfying comfort food or elegant multi-course meals, we never cut corners or take shortcuts. You can always expect pure, honest ingredients combined to exceed expectations and offer new dimensions of flavor.

Nuhma immigrated to the United States from the Philippines with her family when she was thirteen. However, she never left behind the sounds and smells of her childhood—freshly caught fish, newly picked vegetables, bustling markets. These continue to anchor Nuhma’s sense of home and inspire her lifelong passion for cooking to this day.


At twenty, Nuhma moved to France to intern under Pierre Hermé at Fauchon, the iconic French gourmet food company. When she returned to New York, she completed the Baking Arts program at the Institute of Culinary Education. Since then, Nuhma worked at the MICHELIN-starred Bouley restaurant, and served as a private chef for Manhattan’s elite before starting her catering company, Nuhma NYC, in 2014. Nuhma NYC quickly outgrew its Lower East Side location and is now based in Long Island City. She founded Culinair by Nuhma in 2017 at her clients’ request so that she could serve them even as they traveled from New York.

A higher standard

of in-flight dining

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